Moment of Well Being

In this crazy world we live in we often overlook the best moments in search of the big moments.

With 3 adult children, 7 grandchildren, a dog with issues and a demanding job, I find that planning and anticipation of an event often ends up overshadowing the event itself.  As much as I love the holidays and special occasions with my family, my memories are often created by looking at the photographs taken that day.

Example:   We decided it would be great fun to have a “Family Mini-Golf Tournament”.  We created two teams – Green and Orange.  Much planning ensued.    Kids were out of their mind with excitement.  The big day finally arrived.   10 minutes after starting our tournament chaos reigned.   The semi-serious teenagers were mad because the little ones were cheating.  Adults were petrified someone would get a concussion from recklessly flying golf clubs.  Other patrons got impatient following a large group of bickering green and orange golfers.  The little ones were NOT happy with having to follow the rules.  Everyone ended up mad at someone and we went home without ice cream.  We did create a family memory, but not the type we anticipated.  

Now, a couple of years later the golf tournament is one of our favorite stories.  Part of the tapestry of our lives so to speak.  But, so many of the GREAT memories are moments that just happen.

Two summers ago, my 3-year-old grandson was tired and cranky on the beach.    I talked him into sitting on my lap “for just a minute” and he fell asleep.


Somehow I knew that this 3-year-old boy would probably never fall asleep in my lap again.  And he has not.   But, for the next hour, I sat there with my sweet, sweaty boy in my arms while he slept.  I cherish that memory for the simplicity and pleasure of just holding him.    All too soon, the moment was over and he was running off with his brothers without a backward glance.

But, for me it was just a wonderful moment of well-being.  Everything was perfect in my world at that moment.  And, when life is crazy and bringing me down I bring up that memory and feel the weight of that boy and I am happy.


About Laurie

Mother, Grandmother, Dog Owner, Attorney, Advocate, Red Hat Lady, navigating the pitfalls and pleasures of middle age
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